100 Spin gifts – Send and receive 100 Spins every day

100 Spin gifts – Send and receive 100 Spins every day . Make a Spin gifts to your friend, receive back and collect 100 Spins every day .100 Spin gifts – Send and receive 100 Spins every day . Good thing is *Coins and spins sent to friends aren’t deducted from your balance.

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Now gift your friends one spin every day and that they can do an equivalent for you reciprocally . Gifting a spin doesn’t use any of your own spins(this is cool), and you’ll give and receive up to 100 every day .

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Daily Spins gift limit
You can send and receive 100 each day!

As per latest update, you’ll send and receive 60 each day!

Daily Coins gift limit
For Coins, the range which will be sent and received differs counting on the your Village level.

How to send Spins to friends
tap on the MENU icon displayed within the top right corner of the screen
Tap on “Gifts” to open up the Gift Menu
From Gift Menu, you’ll be ready to send and collect gifts of Coins, Spins, and Cards
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