viking mission is an event in Coin Master during which you’ll win coins, pet elixirs, xp, chests or more all= gold cards. to attempt to this you must have stacked a heap of coins and you’re wagering it to end 10 levels. the best approach to play Viking Event is very much clarified by the chaps of Coin Master, so I won’t clarify that.

What I do going to reveal to you which of them strategies can help you get done with Viking journey. Why? Since during this game you’d lose very you win. aside from once you utilize these Coin Master Viking Quest swindles.

Viking Quest begins simple. you must play multiple times and in this manner the coins required for that are given to you. at that point there are a few levels during which you must accumulate coins or play a basic Bonus wheel.

the essential huge boundary is level 6. during this level you must win a lot of coins, just from the reward wheel. the best approach to get reward wheel in Coin Master? Issue is that the reward wheel just appears each once during some time, while huge successes don’t repay your coins battlled. There are 3 different ways you’ll deal with this.

First strategy for beating Viking Quest

The first and most utilized gratitude to play Viking Quest is to play just until you finish level 6. during this level you get the essential gold card. relying on the town you’re on you in all likelihood will require 1.5-2 billion coins. inside the end you’ll get this utilizing just a third of your stack.

this is frequently on the grounds that you get rewards from huge amounts of mixes and you needn’t bother with that much reward wheel rewards. Thusly this way is clear , however you basically get 1 gold card.

Second technique

Screen shot from Coin Master game

In case you’re needing to likewise get the subsequent gold card in Viking Quest you must be readied. Required rewards go high as can be. Particularly in case you’re above town 100.

Rewards from 4 billion up to 80 billion inside the reward wheel are required. consequently the first, and most straightforward, strategy to ask the subsequent gold card is to stack a colossal measure of coins and supplicate.

Ask that you essentially will get a gigantic success a vital minutes. Begin playing at most extreme wager and go do the clothing. Each once during some time check your rewards and start resulting level.

After very while you’ll see you have both gold cards. recollect that this technique can cost you a huge number of currencies. Be that as it may, most likely this technique will finish you 1 or 2 sets. affirm you utilize the huge assaults strategy to encourage enough coins stacked.

Third technique for beating Viking Quest:

On the off chance that you don’t have to much coins stacked you’ll likewise endeavor to get the subsequent gold card. during this technique you play all levels during which you must win coins at most extreme wager. the amount of rewards will most likely be an identical on the grounds that the measure of coins betted. Just the Bonus wheel levels you play a touch unique.

Since Bonus wheel doesn’t come again and again you’ll begin playing at absolute bottom wager. After like 12 to twenty wagers (you figure out what works best for you) you up the amount to greatest. this way you don’t lose this much coins in the middle of reward wheel turns. this needs a touch consideration and you tallying turns, however can get you the reward wheel without spending this tremendous measure of coins.

Fourth strategy:

Another approach to pulsate Viking Quest is watching blends of three hearts. It appears that odds of getting reward wheel are higher soon after you hit 3 hearts during a column. So play at least wager until you get 3 hearts, than set at most extreme wager and go until you reacht reward wheel. After this beginning again with absolute bottom wager.


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